Verde Butterfly Granite Tile - Polished

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$14.59  / Sqft
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This item is slightly smaller as it is cut from the bigger tile.
  • Large crystals in gray, green, and garnet red tones

  • Irregular, non-uniform pattern

  • Highly durable stone

  • Ideal for countertops, vanities, flooring, and walls

  • Polished finish for a high-end look

Freezing Conditions
Walls / Backsplashes

Verde Butterfly Granite Tile - Polished - 3" x 3"

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Verde Butterfly Granite Tile - Polished - 3" x 3"

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Product Info

    Verde Butterfly granite is a unique stone with a mesmerizing pattern. Comprised of spectacularly large crystals in a variety of tones, it's almost artistic in its design, giving your home the indulgent look you've been searching for. With gray tones that reach from a pale dove color all the way to a dark purple shade and green and red garnets nestled amongst them, there is no doubt how this gorgeous stone got its name. Just like a colorful butterfly, so too is this beautiful natural stone.

    But the benefits of this original stone are not restricted to the design focused. Granite is an incredibly durable material capable of resisting most of what daily life will throw at it. It is scratch resistant, due to its denseness and hardness; therefore, only a small number of household materials will be strong enough to damage its surface. This makes it ideal for work surfaces such as countertops and vanities that are prone to marks. It's also great for flooring throughout the home, offering an incredible design opportunity while retaining the hardwearing quality needed for long-lasting flooring.

    Furthermore, granite is incredibly heat resistant. Whether it's a toasty fireplace hearth, countertop littered with warm plates ready to serve, or a sink surround with hot straightening irons, granite is unlikely to be damaged. It has an innate ability to keep its coloring and resist wear and tear caused by temperature changes.

    Ensuring Verde Butterfly granite's incredible coloring is utilized to its full potential, these tiles have a polished finish. This beautiful glossy sheen is reserved for only a select few natural stones, creating a high-end finish that will give your home a design edge.

    The reflective surface brightens the stone's natural tones, highlighting the dove grays, enriching any red garnets, and deepening the dark greens. The contrasting colors are really brought to life. It's also great for adding the feeling of spaciousness to your interior. Just like a mirror, light is bounced to all corners of the room, creating a light and airy feel. If you have a small space and are looking to maximize its potential, a polished sheen is ideal. But even if your home is already significant, a bright design will always be a favorite.

    Verde Butterfly granite is a dark stone, making it ideal for contrasting with light walls and kitchen cupboards. Use it to create a beautiful countertop and matching backsplash teamed with pale gray kitchen units. This is a modern look that is timeless in every way. Its blend of light and dark colors create the perfect balanced design, a look that will be forever in style.

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