Verde Fontaine Granite Tile - Riverwashed

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  • Speckled gray stone with a green-blue undertone

  • Consistent granular pattern

  • Incredibly durable and hardwearing stone

  • Ideal for decorative applications such as backsplashes and fireplace surrounds

  • Suitable for countertops, flooring, and walls

  • Riverwashed finish for a textured surface

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Product Info

    A range of speckled shades of gray with blue-green undertones is what makes Verde Fontaine granite so special. Its delicate cool tone is reminiscent of a frosty winter's morning, or crisp, clear waters tumbling across a pale gray bedrock. It has a granular pattern, similar to gray marl, creating a consistent look overall. This is preferred by those who want a reliable design, with no harshly contrasting veins and crystals.

    Granite will provide you with a great investment into your interior design. It offers the combination of both style longevity and durability. In fact, granite is one of the hardest stones on the market, beaten only by the likes of diamonds and rubies, and is therefore capable of installation in a wide variety of locations. It is incredibly popular as a countertop because it is sufficiently scratch resistant. Only a small number of household materials are dense enough to damage granite's surface, making it ideal for bustling family environments. It is also fairly heat resistant, staying cool in summer months and avoiding the damage that can often be caused by hot pans and plates.

    These tiles have a river-washed finish, a relatively new textural effect created using a two-part process. Firstly, the granite is flamed using extremely high heat. This causes the stone's surface crystals to split and burst, creating a rough texture.

    The next step involves blasting the stone with a variety of materials such as water and sand to give the effect of being washed by a river. The grooves and pits that were created by the flames are retained, but the surface is softened, just like an orange peel.

    A river-washed finish is often used for decorative purposes, such as backsplashes and fireplace surrounds. However, it can also be used for countertops, walls, and flooring. It is becoming increasingly popular as designers gravitate towards its softly textured surface, using it to add a unique dimension to the room's design.

    Our Verde Fontaine Granite tiles have a delicate color palette that pairs beautifully with neutral hues and natural materials. Its cool-tones are fresh and exhilarating, giving your home a vibrancy that will be popular for years to come.

    Use it to create a natural looking kitchen backsplash, paired with white cupboards and a gray limestone floor. The pale hues will leave your interior feeling light, bright, airy, a look that will never fall out of fashion.

    Alternatively, use its durability and traction to create a functional bathroom floor and tiled walls. It is durable enough to be used in all areas of the room and looks beautiful when paired with both traditional and contemporary bathroom suites.