Violetta Granite Tile - Polished
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  • Delicate violet bedrock with a speckled gray surface

  • Creates a universally loved, yet unique feminine design

  • Ideal for creating dressing rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and more

  • Durable and hardwearing stone

  • Polished finish for enhanced coloring

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    A delicately colored violet stone with flecks of dark gray and black, this natural Violetta Granite gives a hint of femininity to your design. Ideal for awarding your new bathroom with a luxury twist, or perhaps transforming your kitchen into a stylish and contemporary heart of the home, Violetta Granite is unrivaled by human-made materials. It has a consistent granular pattern, and therefore, while each tile is different from the next, the overall effect is a cohesive design.

    But while the design benefits are clear to see, what is less obvious is granite's incredible durability. As one of the hardest stones on the market, it offers a high level of scratch resistance, unparalleled by many other natural materials. In fact, diamonds and rubies are among the only elements harder than granite, so you can rest assured that daily wear and tear are unlikely to damage its surface.

    Furthermore, granite is also suitably temperature resistant. Whether its freezing conditions or a hot plate or pan, granite is unlikely to suffer any loss of beauty. It is for these reasons that granite is so popular among designers and homeowners alike. When properly cared for, this magnificent stone will last for decades - a worthy investment.

    These tiles come with a polished finish, a glossy shine achieved by buffing the stone's surface. Up to 1mm of the tile can be removed in this process, but the result is beautiful. Where a flamed or honed finish mutes the tile's hues, the polished sheen brightens them to their full potential. The contrast between the shades are emphasized; the dark flecks of gray appear deeper, while the violet bedrock is enriched.

    A polished finish is ideal for backsplashes, shower wall tiles, and countertops because of its ease of cleaning. The glossy tile can be wiped in just a flash since there is no texture to hold on to the dirt.

    Violetta granite has the classic granular look that this natural stone is so famous for. The blend of dark and light tones is what makes it so popular and versatile. It pairs beautifully with a range of shades and textures but is especially popular with cream colored kitchen cupboards.

    In a bathroom setting, it is ideal for creating a beautiful sink area, or shower wall. Often, our Violetta Granite tiles are selected for use in dressing areas and walk-in closets because of its beautiful colors and versatile pattern.