Pink Leather Sandstone Tile - Natural Cleft Face & Back

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Also referred to as Penther
  • Warm coral pink

  • Irregular pattern

  • Suitable for inside and outside

  • Ideal for flooring, walls, and cladding

  • Natural cleft face and back

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Product Info

    These Pink Leather sandstone tiles are a stunning, highly pigmented coral pink. Their surface is irregular in texture and pattern; some stones have a slight orange tint to them, others have more of a creamy mottled pattern. But the overall effect is a warm and inviting stone. It's easy to see why it is named Pink Leather, its non-uniform pattern is just like a beautifully softened cowhide.

    Sandstone is a sturdy and hardwearing material, ideal for almost all locations throughout the home. It makes a great patio, porch or driveway tile, blending with its surroundings with effortless style. It is a sedimentary rock, formed by the collection of mineral deposits which layer upon one another over time. As the weight of the layers builds up, the pressure cements them together, creating a hardened rock. As it is a slightly porous material, you may wish to seal the stone with a protectant. This will ensure your tiles will not stain easily and enrich its coloring.

    The beauty of Pink Leather sandstone is in its unique texture. Therefore, anything other than a natural cleft face would undermine its elegance. This highly textured surface retains the stone's natural ridges and bumps, leaving it totally rustic looking.

    But don't overlook the incredible functional benefits a natural cleft face brings. It's great for outside areas because it provides a sufficient level of grip. Often, when tiles become wet, they can become slippery. A natural cleft face has enough traction to prevent this in most situations.

    It's also one of our most durable and low maintenance finishes. There is little upkeep required. In fact, a periodic blast with a power washer, if used outside, or a pH neutral cleanser inside should be sufficient to keep them looking their best. The rugged surface does not need polishing, buffing, or refinement at any stage of their lifetime.

    The back of these tiles is un-gauged, meaning there can be a slight variation in thickness between the stones. This is suitable for flooring both internally and externally but will require careful installation.

    Pink Leather sandstone is ideal if you're looking to achieve a rustic, natural look with a little warmth. Its gloriously pigmented color palette creates a stunning environment both inside and outside the home. In your backyard, use it to create your perfect patio area. Just finish it off with a trailing floral covered pergola and your favorite furniture for the perfect place to spend your evenings.