Basalt Gray Basalt Tile - Chiseled
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  • Mid-gray with dark speckles

  • Consistent pattern throughout

  • Chiseled surface for design edge, durability, and traction

  • Perfect for use throughout the home as well as exterior applications

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    Mid-gray with darker speckles, Gray Basalt is a volcanic rock that looks as if it was made to be brought inside the home. Its versatility is unmatched by almost any stone on the market, blending with your interior like it has been there for centuries. Its subtle elegance works with a traditional design to create a country-style interior with natural materials. But it equally works with a gloss effect cabinet to contrast its ruggedness, resulting in a modern design with an exciting clash of the earth-made and human-made.

    Basalt emerges from the earth's core as a molten rock known as magma. It becomes the Basalt we have hereby rapidly cooling when it hits our atmosphere. The cooling process creates tiny crystals within the stone, resulting in a medium-grained tile. Whilst Basalt does have minute holes, making it susceptible to moisture absorbency, once it is sealed it is highly durable and can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, and exterior applications.

    It is ideal for flooring throughout the home, since it is extremely hard and durable, just as most igneous rocks are. Therefore, it can even be used in hallways, entrances, kitchens, and commercial properties where there is a higher level of traffic passing over its surface. Basalt can provide you with a great investment since its longevity is almost unparalleled by other materials.

    Chiseled Basalt is a relatively flat tile. It has a riven surface where the tool has created horizontal grooves across the stone. The effect is a beautifully textured, rugged looking tile giving the subtle stone a design twist. It has a rough surface creating slip-resistance and incredible durability. But its uses are not restricted - create gorgeously earthy accent walls, backsplashes, and other design quirks.

    It is even durable enough to withstand the elements outside, making it ideal for garden walls, cladding, and other exterior features, as well as a practical garden patio. 

    Using Gray Basalt inside and outside the home will create a beautifully earthy feature, just like you're bringing the outside in. The stone's rustic nature is emphasized by its textured finish, adding to its durability but also giving it a design edge. Pair it with other natural materials such as wood and stone for a glorious back-to-nature feel that will bring a sense of calm and tranquillity to your home.