Black Galaxy Granite Tile - Polished

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  • Light reflecting speck burst through an endless, deep black

  • Polished, mirror-shine finish to emphasize the sparkle

  • Famously hardwearing stone, scratch and moisture resistant

  • Makes great flooring, walls, backsplashes, and features

  • Highly desired, luxurious natural stone

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Product Info

    Like the sparkling night sky, Black Galaxy Granite has been captivating us for decades. Its deep and searching black surface is speckled with light reflecting crystals that sparkle and shine like the milky way. It's a stunning example of what nature can create, one that interior designs have marveled at for years. The richness of its color is easily contrasted with a light and bright design to create a high-end feel that looks like it's been ripped from the pages of an interior design magazine.

    It is fairly uniform in pattern. And while no two tiles will ever be the same, the flecks are small to medium-grained giving the overall impression of a consistent pattern across a batch. There are no large veins or unexpected gaps in the pattern, just like the night sky, the stars are endless.

    Famously hardwearing, Granite is a stone that has long been used in the home to create the feeling of glamour, with all important practicality to match. Once it has been sealed, it is moisture resistant and incredibly durable, making it ideal for use in almost all areas of the home, including kitchens and bathrooms.

    It is sometimes known by other names such as Black Amethyst, Star Galaxy, or Nero Galaxy, but all are a variation on its incredible sparkling black. As an igneous rock, Granite is created when bubbling magma reaches a fault in the earth's crust. It seeps through, cooling rapidly, solidifying to form the granite we know and love. It is an incredibly hard rock, making it suitably resistant to scratches.

    The light reflecting specks within a Black Galaxy Granite require a finish that will bring out the best in them. A polished finish allows each little star to sparkle and shine.

    The process involves grinding the stone to a smooth surface, removing any imperfections, bumps, and ridges. Then the buffing can begin, removing around 1mm of the stone to create a high-shine effect. The outcome is a mirror-like, reflective surface which bounces like around the room, creating the feeling of space and brightness. It's an awe-inspiring finish, especially when the star-like crystals are revealed to their full potential.

    The finish is a luxurious one and may require a little maintenance even if it is used in a high-traffic area of the home. Granite is known to be a durable stone and therefore is capable of resisting scratches, staining, and heat to a suitable level.

    Endlessly opaque, Black Galaxy's richness is emphasized when contrasted with pale, neutral colors. Use a bright white or ivory, matte kitchen cabinet for an understated design, or go ultra-modern with a gloss kitchen unit that will wow guests.

    Used in a bathroom, its reflective surface makes even small removes feel bright and beautiful. Use a large, backlighted mirror to create a feeling of glamour. The design potential is endless, but one thing is for sure, Black Galaxy is high-impact and high-end defined.