Durango Travertine Tile - Sandblasted

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Also referred to as Durango Cream
  • Pale beige or oatmeal color

  • Creamy mottled pattern

  • Textured surface with natural pits and holes

  • Sandblasted finish for a functional surface

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Product Info

    A pale beige or oatmeal color, Durango Travertine is one of the most famous stones to hail from Mexico. Beautifully subtle, it has a soft, stony mottled pattern creating a natural feel. The variety in is shading is delicate, creating an overall consistently creamy stone. But each tile is totally unique, with its own blend of creamy tones.

    Travertine is created when layers of minerals are deposited by a body of water. Over a period of time, these layers solidify to form a hardened rock. It naturally forms with small pits and holes throughout the stone, therefore each tile has its own unique set of imperfections to match. The holes mean the stone is susceptible to moisture and staining, therefore the tiles should be sealed with a stone protectant to prevent any damage. Once this is done, travertine is a suitably durable stone. 

    It is great for use on flooring in all areas of the home and can even be used for exterior applications. Its subtle color and texture mean it works great with a huge variety of designs, from the modern to the traditional and everywhere in between.

    This tile has a slightly rough appearance known as a sandblasted finish. The surface of the stone is slightly dimpled with a fairly consistent texture throughout the tile, unlike an antique finish in which some areas are more worn than others. This is an incredibly practical finish because it provides sufficient grip for use as flooring in areas of the home that may become wet. It is often used for outside applications for this very reason and creates the perfect backyard patio or porch entrance.

    It's also a great finish in terms of durability. Some tile finishes can become worn over time, taking away their initial shiny and fresh look. A sandblasted finish is not easily ruined, as its texture wears nicely, only adding to the tile's beauty over time. It cannot be scratched or damaged by heavy footfall or bad weather, the perfect tile for a busy home or commercial environment.

    Durango Travertine has a subtle color and pattern which makes it incredibly design versatile. Use these tiles to create a bright and beautiful front porch area, which will welcome guests to your home elegantly. In your backyard, use Durango Travertine to create a stunning patio. Its light coloring reflects the sunlight rather than absorbing it, creating a cool area for you to relax and while away those summer evenings.

    It's also great for adding a feature to your interior, for example, as a kitchen backsplash. Durango Travertine can be used as flooring almost anywhere in the home, it makes the perfect slip-resistant bathroom floor, creating a gorgeous nature-inspired design.