Golden Garnet Granite Tile - Polished
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1 sqft per tile.

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  • Pale background with black, gray crystals and brown garnets

  • Hardwearing stone suitable for high traffic areas within the home

  • Makes a great work surface, kitchen backsplash or shower wall tile

  • Polished finish for a high-shine look

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Product Info

    Golden Garnet granite has a subtle neutral bedrock littered with tiny black and gray crystals and red-brown garnets. It is a medium-grained granite with a consistent distribution of colored minerals throughout. Each tile benefits from a unique balance of colorings, but the effect is a consistent pattern throughout the batch. The stone's subtle hues work with almost any design. Whether you're looking to achieve a modern interior by taking hints from its bright background or want to pair it with your traditional wooden furniture, Golden Garnet will work perfectly.

    Granite is a great investment piece for any household. As one of the most hardwearing stones on the market, you can be sure that, with the proper care and attention, your stone tiles will still look and perform brilliantly in years to come.

    It is scratch resistant and can suitably defend itself against the wear and tear of daily life. It's great for use in homes with busy lifestyles that require a tile which is hardy and durable.

    Granite is regularly used for countertops and work surfaces because of its ability to withstand heat. Hot pans and curling irons are unlikely to damage or discolor the surface of the stone, making it ideal for kitchens and bathroom sink areas.

    To lift the colors within this glorious stone, it has been polished to a mirror shine. Once cut to shape, the stone is ground down to a perfectly level surface. Then the laborious process of buffing the tile begins. Polishing the tile removes up to 1mm of the tile's face in order to reveal a brilliant shine. It's a gorgeous finish that reflects the light and makes a room feel bright and spacious.

    The finish also adds depth to the stone, as the dark colors are deepened, and the lights are lifted, showing the tile's true color variation. It's perfect for wall tiling in bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes as it is easily wiped clean - there are no bumps or ridges to catch the dirt.

    The blend of warm and cool colors creates incredible design versatility for Golden Garnet granite. If you're looking for a modern interior, contrast the neutral background with a feature, dark navy kitchen island. This stand-out piece will add depth to your design, its cream and blue hues keeping the style totally contemporary and on-trend.

    Incorporated into a bathroom design, the brightness of the stone can lift a room - its polished finish adding a touch of luxury. As a bathroom or shower wall tile, with a glass screen and a large mirror, you'll have a timeless, hotel-inspired design.