Green Stone Limestone Tile - Honed

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  • A subtle blend of contemporary grays

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  • Durable and reliable limestone material

  • Matte finish promising a long-lasting look

  • Extremely versatile and useable both inside and outdoors

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    One of the first things that strikes you about these Green Stone Limestone tiles is the fascinating blends of grays. A range of dark and light ash tones intertwine to create a sea of subtle hues. The tile's irregular pattern also draws you in. So instead of being repetitive, each tile has its own unique personality and combination of colors. This makes it ideal for rooms where you're looking to add or accentuate character.

    Limestone is a sedimentary rock, formed underwater. This means there is often evidence of tiny aquatic fossils caught up in the stone. It is a soft-to-medium rock so, unlike granite which can feel very harsh to walk over, limestone feels soft underfoot. It is a durable and hard-wearing stone, making it the perfect choice for busy households with heavy appliances and foot traffic.

    Just like many other natural materials, limestone is slightly porous. Therefore, we recommend sealing the tiles with a stone protectant upon application. This ensures the stone's longevity and protects its surface against stains and moisture damage. With the proper care and attention, Green Stone limestone can last for decades without the need for replacement.

    These limestone tiles have a carefully honed finish. They have been ground down until there are no bumps or ridges, giving the stone a contemporary matte finish. This helps make the tile a subtle addition to both bathrooms and kitchens. The finish also compliments the gray colors. So rather than giving a shine, the hues appear subtle and cool with its unimposing finish.

    The honed finish also promises other advantages. Because of the smooth surface, the tile is less likely to catch dirt and grit, so wiping a cloth across it quickly is hassle-free. The finish is also ideal for those looking for a long-lasting sleek matte effect.

    Many people are drawn to Green Stone Limestone tiles because they offer so many potential applications. In particular, the soft tonality means the tiles look fantastic in outdoor settings such as patios and porches. The honed finish also helps it achieve a contemporary look, so it will complement dark kitchen cabinets with stainless steel appliances.

    Alternatively, Green Stone Limestone tiles can help create a subtle matte effect in a bathroom. Use them as wall tiles and it will compliment a white stand-alone bathtub. Add ethically sourced cotton towels and a delicately scented candle for simplicity defined.

    Ultimately, if you're after a tile that looks at home in kitchens, hallways, and even your backyard, then Green Stone Limestone tiles are perfect for your needs.