Kinawa Rose Granite Tile - Polished

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  • Swirling pink and gray stone

  • Irregular natural pattern

  • Durable and hardwearing

  • Suitable for flooring, walls, cladding, and countertops

  • Polished finish creating a glossy sheen

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    A stunning blend of ashy grays and cool pink tones make Kinawa Rose granite the ultimate contemporary natural stone. Swirls of pale and dark gray dance across each stone, hinting at its volcanic origins. Bursts of pastel pink interrupt this monochrome surface, adding a splash of color. The pattern is totally irregular, and therefore you'll never find two matching tiles. Some stones have large patches of pink, others are mostly gray with only a subtle nod to the rosy hue. This is the ideal color palette for those looking for an on-trend natural stone that will stand the test of time.

    Granite is one of the most durable natural stones available. It begins life beneath the earth's surface as a molten rock, reaching searing hot temperatures as it bubbles near the core. As it reaches the surface, the liquid rapidly cools to form a hard and dense rock littered with tiny crystals.

    It is this formation process that makes the stone so hardwearing. It is incredibly scratch resistant - only a select few materials are sharp enough to damage this stone's surface. It's also suitably heat resistant, so a hot cup of coffee or plate is unlikely to leave a mark. This makes it great for both work surfaces and high traffic locations such as kitchens and hallways.

    This tile's polished finish creates a gloriously glossy surface, ideal for those looking for a touch of luxury in their interior. It is created by grinding the stone to a beautifully smooth, satin-like surface and is then buffed until it reaches a brilliant shine. The tile is highly reflective, bouncing light around the room making it feel bright and spacious. This is perfect for those who have a small kitchen or bathroom area requiring a design that will feel light and airy.

    Another added benefit of a polished finish is the effect it has on the stone's colors. A rough or dull surface makes the granite's hues appear muted, but a reflective surface enhances its color palette. The ashy dark grays appear deeper and more intoxicating, while the pale pinks are lifted and brightened. The effect is a colorful natural stone that adds an interesting feature to your design.

    Kinawa Rose has a modern color palette that will look great with an equally contemporary look. Pair it with white or gray furniture for a sleek and clean-lined look, letting the wild stone do all the talking.

    Incorporate it into your bathroom as a wall tiled shower or bath backsplash. Add a cast iron roll top bathtub to add a touch of luxury or keep it minimalist with a modern suite. Use gold accents to give the room the glamour it deserves. You'll have a beautiful space to help you forget about your daily stresses.