Lillet Granite Tile - Polished

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  • Striking pink and gray banded stone

  • Totally irregular pattern for a bold look

  • Ideal for backsplashes, walls, and flooring

  • Polished finish for a sleek and refined look

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Product Info

    Lillet granite has a pale gray bedrock with striking pink bands cutting across its surface. The pattern is totally irregular, with some displaying a largely pink surface, others are mostly gray with only slight pink streaks. For this reason, no two tiles will ever be identical. You'll have your own unique piece of the wild earth in your home with this gorgeous Lillet granite.

    Granite is created by molten rock beneath the earth's surface. As it rises up to cooler climates, it solidifies to form a hard stone. Granite is up there with the most durable and hardwearing materials on the market. It is incredibly dense and hard, making it fairly scratch resistant. This is ideal for those who have a busy home environment and require a stone that can stand up to this.

    It's also fairly heat resistant, so a hot cup, pan, or styling iron is unlikely to damage the stone's surface. This makes it perfect for use as a bathroom vanity

    This tile has a polished finish, which creates a gloriously shiny surface. This is achieved by initially grinding the stone down until it is completely flat - all bumps, ridges, and imperfections are removed. Then the tile is buffed until it attains a glossy sheen. This creates a sleek and refined design that ensures a stunning feature in your home.

    A polished finish is a high-end look which adds a touch of luxury to your design. The stone's colors are revealed in all their glory - made bright and bold by the reflective sheen. The gray tones appear deeper and ashier, adding to the volcanic look, while the pinks appear brighter and contrast more starkly with the surrounding colors. The mirror-like surface also bounces light around your interior, creating a feeling of spaciousness. This is a great finish if you're looking to make your natural stone a design feature in the home, rather than purely for practical uses.

    Lillet granite has a contemporary color palette that will look great in a sleek and modern interior. Pair it with white, matte, shaker style kitchen cupboards for a contrast in textures and colors. Add hints of metallic with golden faucets and accessories and your home will feel sophisticated and totally on-trend.

    Alternatively, go for a more striking look with dark navy cupboards and a Lillet granite backsplash. The deep color will add depth to your design, creating a stylish interior that is sure to wow guest. Keep other elements in the room simplistic, letting these two contrasting features do all the talking. This is a stunning natural stone that is sure to make an impact.