Multi Pink Slate Tile - Natural Cleft Face, Gauged Back

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1 sqft per tile.

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  • Various shades of pink and green on a largely gray slate

  • Non-uniform in pattern, a real melting pot of colors

  • A naturally durable stone

  • Textured cleft face retaining the stone's ridges and grooves

  • Gauged back

  • Perfect for flooring, walls or backsplashes

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Product Info

    Various shades of pink, green, and gray make this slate a unique beauty. Natural, and rugged, slate gives a home an earthy design edge. Create beautiful country home kitchens or Scandinavian style bathrooms with this raw earthy stone. Contrast it with neutral shades and soft textiles for that ultimate homely feel.

    Slate is fine-grained and is formed into layers by pressure under the earth's surface. This makes it the perfect stone to create tiles. It organically forms flat slabs of rock making it easy to shape.

    Slate is fairly impervious to moisture, giving it a great resistance to stains. However, slate tiles are often protected with a tile treatment which not only helps to prevent stains from oils and acids which are tougher on the stone, but also deepens the tile's colors.

    It is traditionally used as roofing tiles, evidence of its ability to weather even the harshest environments. It is a hard-wearing stone that requires little maintenance, perfect for busy families or for a commercial environment.

    The tile's finish is a natural cleft face. The stone is shaped into a flat surface perfect for walking on, but its left with a slight texture, retaining the stone's character. Bumps and ridges occur on the tile's surface but are not sharp or jagged. This is a finish which perfectly displays slate's natural qualities.

    It is a great finish for floor tiling because it provides a certain slip resistance. The stone's natural grooves have traction even when wet, making it ideal for areas of the home that may see water such as kitchens and bathrooms. It is highly durable and is not impacted by heavy wear and tear. The surface of the tile cannot be dulled over time like some finishes can.

    The back of the tile is gauged flat. This creates the perfect base for a uniform application. Whilst there is some variation in the thickness of the tile, it is suitable for use inside the home as well as out.

    Each tile has its own natural color variations. Some are largely gray, with only hints of pink, others appear almost totally multi-colored. It is a real spectacle of mother nature. Contrast the stone with softer, subtler textures and colors to create a warm and inviting feel.