Pine Green Granite Tile - Polished

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  • Dark green, charcoal, and gold granular patterned stone

  • Extremely durable material

  • Ideal for flooring, walls, countertops, and features

  • Polished finish for a glossy sheen

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Product Info

    Our Pine Green granite tiles are a dark and intoxicating blend of rich tones. While the overall effect is a dark forest green, hints of charcoal, gold, and even purple make this beautiful stone an enriched natural beauty. Its granular pattern is totally non-uniform, creating unique patches of color, varying within each stone. Each tile is different from the next, but the stone's dark tones mean the overall effect blends beautifully.

    If you're looking for a hardwearing material that will provide you with a great investment, look no further than granite. As one of the hardest stones on the market, it is able to resist scratches and general wear and tear like nothing else. This makes it ideal for busy family homes that require a higher level of resilience.

    Granite is also fairly heat resistant, especially in comparison to many of the other alternatives on the market such as wood. This is a result of its formation process. Granite begins life beneath the earth's crust as a molten rock. When cracks appear, this liquid stone can rise up to cooler temperatures, causing it to rapidly cool. The fast solidification process causes tiny crystals to form, creating a densely packed stone. Its intense past means a hot plate, pan, or mug are unlikely to impact the stone's surface, making it suitable for countertops, vanities, and other work surfaces.

    A polished finish results in a gorgeously glossy sheen. This is a high-end finish achieved by grinding the stone down before it is buffed, revealing a beautiful shine. It's likely that when you're picturing a piece of stunning granite, you're already imagining this highly refined look.

    A polished finish comes with a number of design benefits that are often forgotten. For example, the glossy surface brings out the best in the stone's color palette. The deepest charcoal, black, and green tones are darkened, providing an exquisite contrast for the lighter golden hues. It is this exciting blend of colors which gives the Pine Green granite its unique edge.

    It also adds depth to a room's design. In fact, the reflective surface bounces light around an interior, adding to the feeling of space. Just like a well-placed mirror, it can give even the smallest of rooms the lift it needs to feel bright and airy.

    Pine Green granite is great for adding a contrasting textural element to the design. The patterned surface and deep color palette works beautifully with a matte cream kitchen cupboard or painted furniture. In your bathroom, pair it with pale gray walls and a white bathroom suite for a stylish look that will always be on trend.