Rain Forest Green Marble Tile - Polished

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  • Mossy green and navy stone with red and cream veins

  • Highly prized, beautiful material

  • Ideal for creating a stunning feature wall or floor

  • Polished finish for a high-end look

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    Just like a jungle, Rain Forest green marble is an exquisite blend of natural colors. A mossy green and ocean blue, with streaks of brick red and cream, this is a stone with unparalleled design and beauty. Striking veins cut across its dark surface like the roots of trees searching for water. It is highly irregular, and each tile is totally unique. Some have a delicate mossy green face with fine cream veining, others are dark navy with streaks of red veins. The effect is a wild and exciting stone that will add a beautiful feature to your new interior design. Beneath the jungle's canopy, is a rich undergrowth, and this is exactly what Rain Forest marble depicts.

    Marble is one of the most highly regarded stones on the market, famed for its stunning designs and ethereal colors. It has long been used to improve the appearance of architecture and create stunning sculptures. The famous Italian artist Michelangelo created many of his designs from marble, a material he considered to be extremely beautiful. To this day, many of his works are still in existence, a testament to their strength and endurance. But even more importantly, marble is still considered to be one of the most exquisite stones available.

    To highlight the stone's incredible color palette and unique pattern, these tiles have a polished finish. The polishing process involves initially grinding the stone down until it is smooth and then buffing until a glossy sheen is revealed. A thin layer of the tile's surface is removed during this process, but the result is beautiful.

    The stone's colors are enhanced to their full potential. Dark navies are deepened, contrasting starkly against the pale cream veins. Each hue is picked out with extreme clarity.

    But the benefits don't stop there, this design focused finish also adds a new textural element. The glossy sheen reflects the light, just like a mirror, creating a bright and airy room that feels spacious. Contrary to belief, dark colors like those seen on Forest Green marble actually add depth to a room. This combined with the tile's shiny sheen will make your design look stylish and put-together.

    Forest Green marble is a totally unique stone that will add a stunning feature to your new interior design. Use it to create a beautiful kitchen backsplash and combine with cream cupboards for a design that will continue to wow for years to come. Alternatively, create a totally nature-inspired bathroom with floor to ceiling Forest Green marble wall tiles. Incorporate a white suite and walls to balance the design. Add gold accessories to complete the look.