Select Pink Slate Tile - Natural Cleft Face, Gauged Back

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  • A stunning blend of pink and gray

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  • The natural rugged texture of the stone retained with its cleft face

  • Gauged back for uniform application

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Product Info

    This striking Select Pink Slate stone tile mixes drama and intrigue with traditional rocky texture. Cool pink tones blend with metallic grays to create a stunning natural design. Slate is a rock with a rugged earthy feel, use it to create beautifully traditional kitchens and bathrooms or take it outside for a natural effect garden patio.

    Slate is a geologically metamorphic rock. It is created under the earth's surface when clay or sedimentary rocks are subjected to certain pressures and temperatures. It forms into perfect sheets which can easily be cleaved into tiles.

    It is a highly durable and hardwearing stone traditionally used as roof tiles. However, this Select Pink Slate is too beautiful to be hidden out of sight on rooftops. It makes a gorgeous kitchen or bathroom floor and can be used to create colorful kitchen backsplashes. Once protected, a slate tile is impervious to moisture and staining, making it a great addition to a busy family environment.

    The tile is left with a natural cleft face. This involves cleaving the stone along its layers to create thin sheets. The tiles are made flat and suitable for walking on, but the natural craggy texture of the stone remains. The bumps and ridges which make slate tiling so exquisite are left on the stone's surface. It's the perfect finish to highlight slate's rugged appearance.

    The finish is ideal for use in high traffic areas of the home. Unlike a polished finish, which can become dull over time, a natural cleft face is not impacted by heavy wear and tear. Even the busiest of family homes cannot phase such a hardwearing stone.

    It's also great for providing traction. The natural grooves left on the tile's face create a slip-resistant surface, even while the tile is wet. This makes it perfect for areas of the home that are likely to see lying water such as bathrooms and kitchens.

    The back of the tile is gauged. This makes it suitable for use inside the home as the tiles can be installed uniformly.

    Select Pink Slate looks great in a rustic country kitchen. Use it to create your flooring for a functional, durable, and stylish design. Pair it with wooden kitchen cabinets for the ultimate in natural design. Alternatively, for a modern look, use cream shaker style cupboards and a solid oak countertop. Go for stylish glass lighting for a bright, classy, and timeless look.

    The final result is a traditional, yet rugged finish. Create traditional family homes with this gorgeously natural material. Incorporate it alongside warm neutral textiles to create that ultimate homely feel.