Spider Green Marble Tile - Polished

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Also referred to as Empress Green
  • Royal green with contrasting white veins

  • Wild and irregular pattern

  • Ideal for creating a feature within your design

  • Suitable for flooring, walls, countertops, fireplaces, and more

  • Polished finish for an enhanced color palette

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Product Info

    With its exquisite cream marbling and royal green bedrock, Spider Green marble is a totally luxurious looking stone. The extreme clash of the pale veins against the dark bedrock is unique to marble and is ideal for creating stunning feature walls, countertops, backsplashes, and more. The pattern is totally irregular - no two stones will ever have identical veining - therefore you can be assured that wherever you choose to lay these tiles, there will never be another design like it.

    Marble is highly prized the world over for its exquisite beauty. It is a sign of wealth and opulence, enriching architecture and bringing sculptures to life. In fact, in Renaissance Italy, Michelangelo used marble in many of his works, some of which are still in existence today.

    Marble has a similar geology to limestone but has undergone significant pressure and temperature changes which cause it to develop into the stone we see here today. Marble is distinct from limestone in that it can be polished to an incredibly high shine, making it perfect for countertops, backsplashes, and other decorative applications.

    Anything other than a polished finish on this sumptuously colored stone would waste its incredible beauty. A polished finish is a glossy sheen created by buffing the stone until it reaches a gorgeous shine. It's a highly refined look whose process removes up to 1mm of the tile's face. The light reflecting surface clarifies the stone's coloring, brightening the white veins and creating a magnificent contrast against the rich bottle green.

    Not only does a polished finish bring design benefits, it's also simple to clean. Where a textured or even a matte finish will hold on to the dirt and grime, a polished sheen is easily wiped clean. Regularly mop with a pH neutral cleanser to bring your stones back to life.

    Spider Green marble is a cut above the rest. It offers the opportunity to create the most opulent designs, with its rich bottle green and white color palette. In a bathroom setting, use it to create a bathtub backsplash or shower wall. Paired with a backlit mirror and sleek glass shower green, you'll have a hotel-inspired look that will always excite and amaze.

    If you're looking to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen, why not use Spider Green marble to create a unique countertop? Or, for a more understated look, add hints of color by using it as a backsplash. Pair with white and black to let this magnificent natural stone do all the talking.