Ubatuba Granite Tile - Polished

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  • Black, green and gold speckled granite

  • Uniform in pattern with small crystals and a tightly packed grain

  • Highly durable igneous rock

  • Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways

  • Resistant to scratching and cracking

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Product Info

    A beautiful display of black, gold and green speckles, Ubatuba Granite is an incredibly popular stone the world over. Also known as Labrador Green, Bahia Green or Verde Ubatuba, it has a distinct green tone running throughout. It has a tightly packed grain, with little veining. Small crystals form a stony, mottled pattern throughout. The effect is a fairly uniform pattern. It is a highly prized granite, loved for its quality and consistent texture.

    Granite is one of the most popular stones for interior tiles. It has incredibility durability, perhaps due to its formation under extreme pressures and temperatures. An igneous rock, it is created by the slow cooling of magma under the surface of the earth, this results in small crystals of quartz that can be seen dotted throughout.

    It is unlikely to scratch or crack and can handle a high temperature like that of a searing hot pan. This makes it superb for use as a countertop or vanity, but it can also be used for flooring in a range of locations. Although it will need sealing with a stone protector, is highly stain resistant and long-lasting, perfect for busy family environments, a great investment piece.

    The tile's finish is a highly polished, glossy sheen. This is created by grinding down the tile to a flat gradient, then buffing the stone, removing up to 1mm of its surface, in order to create a mirror-like reflective tile. The effect is totally smooth, with no bumps or ridges. This finish brings out the beautiful colors within the stone, those green and gold flecks are displayed in all their glory.

    Its shiny finish is great for bouncing light around the room, creating the feeling of space in even the smallest of homes. It is a luxurious tile, creating a high-end design that can rarely be matched.

    This dark colored stone is great for contrasting with light, bright cabinets. But the possibilities don't stop there, its depth of colors looks great when paired with a range of tones, including inky blues and charcoal grays. It creates a beautiful contemporary design.

    It's hard to find someone who hasn't dreamed of that gorgeous granite kitchen, and this is a look that is at your fingertips with Ubatuba Granite. You can create a hotel-inspired bathroom with floor to ceiling wall tiles in your own home, just pair it with chrome faucets and a large mirror for a sumptuous feel.