Burnt Sienna Slate Tile - Honed

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2.25 sqft per tile.

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  • Rusty red-brown color

  • Hardwearing stone, suitable for heavy levels of footfall

  • Suitable for flooring, cladding, and walls

  • Honed, matte finish

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Product Info

    This rich, warm colored Burnt Sienna slate brings an exotic twist to your country home. Its rusty, red-brown coloring is reminiscent of the ancient pigment of the same name, used by artists for hundreds of years. There is a natural variation in the shade of red throughout the stone. Some areas are more deeply pigmented than others, some have slight gray swathes - a result of its natural origins. But while each tile is totally unique, the overall effect is a fairly consistent warm tone throughout. Burnt Sienna creates beautiful country house interiors that are cozy and inviting.

    Slate is one of the hardest stones available for use as a tile, this means it is incredibly durable. It is created by layers of clay and mineral deposits buried deep under the earth. Under the right pressure and temperature conditions, these materials change to form a dense, solid rock. Slate has long been used for tiles because its layered formation means it is easily carved into sheets.

    While slate is porous, once it has been sealed with a stone protector, it is moisture resistant and is therefore suitable for areas of the home where there is likely to be water, such as bathrooms and kitchens. It can also be used for external applications, making great garden patios and walls. It is a hardwearing stone that is not fazed by heavy levels of footfall, meaning even the busiest of households would suit a natural slate tiled flooring.

    If you love the price and durability of slate but are looking for a tile that is smooth underfoot, this honed finish is ideal. The stone is ground down to a totally level surface, and any bumps and ridges are removed, leaving a totally even, non-textured surface. The effect is a matte, satin finish, creating a contemporary look. The natural pattern of the stone is retained and any blotches and swirls are emphasized, beautifully displaying the stone's rustic design.

    This is a highly functional, as well as beautiful, finish. The tiles have sufficient traction to prevent slipping as their matte surface provides grip, even while the tile is wet. This makes them ideal for use in bathrooms as well as external areas such as garden patios. It's also incredibly hardwearing. Whereas a more high-maintenance finish may require regular upkeep, a honed finish only looks better with age.

    This rustic slate tile creates beautiful cozy kitchens and bathrooms where ever it is laid. Hallways become warm and inviting, and kitchens become homely, especially when paired with creamy, neutral-toned walls and wooden furniture. Just add patterned rugs and soft furnishings for that ultimate country-lodge vibe.

    When used for external applications, Burnt Sienna brings year-round warmth and vibrancy. A rustic patio is brought to life by its red hue, creating the perfect outside space to wow guests in those spring and summer months.