Calacatta Gold Marble Tile - Polished

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  • White background with gray veins

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  • Polished, high-end finish

  • Creates a luxurious design

  • Suitable for wall tiles, flooring, countertops, and features

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Product Info

    Calacatta Gold is the most famous marble on the market. Its pure white surface is marbled with sweeping gray veins and subtle notes of taupe. It is classic in its design and totally on-trend, the marble of the moment. Interior designers have been hailing this stone as the most beautiful of them all, a perfect blend of contemporary and classic.

    Each tile has its own unique set of veins, creating a totally irregular pattern throughout the stone. This is what makes Calacatta Gold so stunning, nature has painted its own design on each slab, you will never find another exactly like yours.

    Marble is created when the perfect combination of pressure and temperature arise under the earth's surface, solidifying the minerals below into a hard rock. It is famous for the infinite patterns and colors found within the stone and is widely regarded as the most beautiful stone tile on the market. It is porous, just like most other naturally occurring materials, and therefore requires a sealant to protect its surface from moisture and stains. It is largely heat resistant, meaning a searing hot pan or hair styling tool is unlikely to mar its beautiful surface. It is regularly used for fireplaces because, despite extreme temperatures, it does not yellow or deteriorate.

    Anything other than a polished finish on Calacatta Gold would be doing this exquisite stone an injustice. The glossy sheen reflects light across its surface, deepening the gray tones of the veins and brightening the white background. It leaves the stone in its best condition, super bright and pigmented.

    This high-end finish is created by buffing the level surface of the stone until it reveals a high-shine. There are no bumps, grooves or imperfections left in the stone. It is highly reflective, just like a mirror, and therefore bounces light around the room adding to the feeling of spaciousness. It is a luxurious finish to match an equally lavish stone. It adds design flair to bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes, with the added bonus of being incredibly easy to clean.

    Calacatta Gold marble creates an on-trend, bright and airy look. Team it with copper and gold metallic and you have the design trend that everyone is searching for. Add it to your bathroom for a luxury, high-end design. Incorporate rich purples or reds for added opulence or just use a simple, clean-lined mirror with a backlight to keep it sleek and pristine. The design options are limitless, but there is no doubt that Calacatta Gold will create a stylish design where ever it goes.