Copper Slate Tile - Chiseled

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  • Beautiful copper toned slate

  • Each tile is different from the next with a varying color balance

  • Chiseled finish highlighting the stone's natural layers

  • Creates a stunning accent wall or kitchen backsplash

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Product Info

    Giving a traditional stone a warm modern twist, these Copper slate tiles are unique and on-trend. Just like brushed metal, the stone is red and coppery, with that classic gray blended throughout. Each tile has a different balance of colors, some are almost solely red, others have only hints within a mostly gray tile. Highly irregular and totally unique, a copper slate is a gorgeous addition to any home or building looking for a design edge. 

    Slate is a fine-grained, metamorphic rock created under the earth's surface. It has a highly layered appearance, making it perfect for creating natural looking tiles. It is a porous stone, but once treated it is highly durable and can last for decades looking as beautiful as the day it was laid. It is also easy to maintain- great for those with a busy lifestyle.

    Slate can be used for all manner of applications but works great for flooring in particular. Use it in hallways and kitchens for a sturdy and long-lasting tiling solution. It is more than capable of resisting the heavy wear and tear caused by family life. It can also be used for decorative purposes, including for bathroom and shower walls, as well as kitchen backsplashes.

    This tile is chiseled into flat slabs which highlights the stone's natural layered formation. The rugged texture of the rock is retained, and any ridges and grooves are still present. Slate is a stone which looks beautiful in this jagged, craggy state, just as nature intended. The tile appears hand-crafted, just as traditional tile makers would have made in the past. You get a sense of traditionalism with this finish which suits slate perfectly.

    Because of its harsh chiseled surface, this is a tile best used for decorative effect rather than floor tiling. The sharp edges created by the chisel are not made for walking on. Use on bathroom walls to bring nature into the home or create a stunning kitchen backsplash.

    Copper is the design accent everyone is looking for. Totally on trend, it is perfect for creating a modern, stand-out interior. Install a stunning accent wall in a building entrance or reception area to bring life to a building's design.

    Team it with white marble for that up-to-the-minute look interior designers are loving. Alternatively, create a subtler design with an Absolute Black granite countertop - a beautiful contrast to the metallic shaded stone.