Majestic Gray Granite Tile - Polished

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Current Price
$4.88  / Sqft
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  • A blend of variegated gray tones

  • Contemporary color palette

  • Granular pattern

  • Ideal for most applications

  • Hardwearing stone

  • Polished finish for a glossy sheen

Freezing Conditions
Walls / Backsplashes

Majestic Gray Granite Tile - Polished - 12" x 12"

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Majestic Gray Granite Tile - Polished - 12" x 12"

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Product Info

    Majestic Gray granite is a subtle blend of variegated ashy hues. From a pale ash color to a cool blue undertone, this is a mix of modern neutrals that will act as the perfect base for your design. As with all natural stones, there will never be two identical tiles. Each has its own unique blend of colors; however, the effect is a consistent granular pattern, making it the perfect understated backdrop. This timeless stone will look great with just about any design, from the totally modern and sleek, to a more traditional country style home. The possibilities are endless.

    A major benefit of granite is its incredible hardwearing nature. It begins life as a liquid rock way beneath the earth's surface. As it climbs towards our atmosphere, it reaches cooler climate which causes the stone to solidify, forming a hard, dense rock. This impressive density means that granite cannot be scratched easily, making it ideal for heavy traffic areas of the home such as hallways and kitchens. It has an innate heat resistance, so a hot plate or mug are unlikely to mar this stone's delicate coloring. Majestic Gray granite is ideal for your countertop or vanity for this very reason, incredible durability, combined with timeless design.

    These Majestic Gray granite tiles have a polished finish, a glossy sheen created by buffing its smooth surface until it shines. This is a high-end effect which brightens the stone's colors, lifting them to their full potential. That cool blue hue is made even more captivating and the pale tones are brightened, contrasting with the surrounding shades. Majestic Gray granite is enchanting and ethereal, just as its name suggests.

    But the benefits don't stop there. The polished surface reflects light around your interior, creating a light and airy space that will feel larger than reality. This is great for homes that are restricted on space and require a design that will combat this. To add depth to a room, incorporate large mirrors mixed with dark painted furniture, this will maximize your interior's potential, creating a gorgeous space.

    Majestic Gray's cool-toned color palette is on-trend and chic. Use it to create a sleek and modern interior or, for a more relaxed effect, go for a cozy country-style design. 

    If you're looking for that clean-lined contemporary look, add ivory or white furniture, and keep those grays going with a dove gray painted wall. Blend variegated tones throughout the design for a subtle look that will feel both homely and stylish. To emulate that country cottage inspired design, use painted wooden cupboards and furniture. Include a wooden countertop to add classic natural elements that will give your home that gorgeously laid-back feel.

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