Autumn Slate Tile - Natural Cleft Face & Back

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Also referred to as Indian Autumn
  • Beautiful multi-colored slate in all the shades of the leaves in Fall

  • Highly irregular pattern

  • Hardwearing stone, ideal for use throughout the home

  • Natural cleft face and gauged back

  • Famously weatherproof

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Product Info

    Vivid oranges, reds, and golds sweep the surface of these classically gray slate tiles. Bursting with all the colors of Fall, Autumn slate is a beautiful example of colored stone. Like a watercolor painting, its various shades melt into the metallic gray as if painted by an artist rather than created by nature.

    Each tile is completely unique, with no overriding pattern or texture. Some tiles are speckled, others are dotted, and some are almost solely one color. You will not find a tile as varied and exciting as Autumn slate.

    Slate is of metamorphic geology, created by layers of mineral deposits compacting under the perfect conditions to form a hard stone. It naturally forms into layers, which are easily cleaved into sheets to be cut ready for tiles. It has a fine grain and there are no crystals or veins.

    It is a hardwearing stone but requires sealing before it is used to prevent moisture from seeping into the rock. Once this is completed, it's incredibly durable and can be used for almost any application, be that inside or outside the house.

    Slate's rugged formation is part of what makes it so popular, therefore it needs a finish that will embrace this quality. A natural cleft face retains all those grooves and ridges that help link one layer of slate to the next during its formation. It leaves the stone looking its best, flat and smooth underfoot, but with enough texture to display its earthy origins.

    A natural cleft face is purposefully imperfect. It's a highly durable finish that requires little maintenance to keep it looking fresh. It's ideal for those who favor convenience and are looking for a tile to suit this.

    It's also a great finish in terms of slip-resistance. The naturally riven face creates enough grip to prevent skids and slides - the perfect stone for kitchen and bathroom flooring, and even for use as a garden patio.

    If you're looking for a tile that can deliver in terms of its durability and value for money, as well as its design, Autumn Slate is the perfect tile for you.

    You'll achieve a warm and inviting, traditional design. Pair it with neutral colored cabinets and furniture for that ultimate cozy forest lodge design. Take it outside to the garden and Autumn slate blends seamlessly with its surroundings.