Black Obsidian Slate Tile - Flamed

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  • A delicate blend of pale to dark grays

  • Mottled, nature stone pattern

  • Highly durable, suitable for almost any application

  • Flamed finish for increased traction and subtle color tones

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Product Info

    Black Obsidian Slate takes its name from the semi-precious deep black stone famed for its depth of color and healing properties. It is a stunning blend of black and gray, reaching just about every shade in between. The pattern of the stone varies from a sweeping straight line to a swirling marble effect. The result is that each tile is unique, there will never be two the same in the world.

    Although each tile is different, there is a subtlety to the pattern. The overall effect is more like a gentle blend of colors rather than a striking difference. This gives it incredible design versatility. It will melt right in with whatever look you go for, be that a traditional, country home, or a modern, contemporary feel.

    Slate is a metamorphic rock formed just under the earth's surface when the correct temperatures, pressures, and minerals align. It is a fine-grained, rugged looking stone, prized for its natural looking attributes and hardwearing nature. Use it on flooring to create a hardwearing and long-lasting tiling solution, alternatively create a beautiful feature wall or clad chimney that will feel rustic and earthy.

    When carved from the earth slate is naturally jagged and craggy. In order to achieve a level surface that is suitable for a range of applications, it needs a surface that is beautiful and practical. A flamed finish combines these attributes.

    The stone is ground down to a level surface, then fired with a high-temperature flame. This extreme heat causes the stone to burst and split. The final effect is a muted color palette of light and dark grays. The deep, opaque black suggested in its name is softened to reveal a more natural looking stone.

    It's a highly durable finish that requires little to no maintenance to keep its effect. This makes it ideal for use in busy homes, and for those that require a convenient design. It's also incredibly practical because the textured surface provides sufficient traction. Even while wet the stone has enough grip to prevent slips and trips. It's great for uses outside the home for this very reason - an incredibly versatile tile.

    Slate is known for its rugged, craggy style, but this flamed Black Obsidian slate is a more subtle, design-focused alternative. Work the on-trend gray coloring with stark white furniture and walls for a modern design, or take inspiration from its natural, mottled pattern with traditional, hardy kitchen. Make entrance halls practical and beautiful, just add a neutral tone to the walls and your favorite artwork for a cozy, inviting feel. It can even be used outside for garden patios, walls and other features such as a fire pit or barbeque.