Ocean Green Slate Tile - Polished

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  • Stunning metallic gray with blue and green undertones

  • Irregular swirling pattern

  • Hardwearing and durable stone

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications

  • Polished finish, smooth and refined

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Product Info

    Ocean Green slate seems mystical and alluring. Its shimmering gray surface is tinted with subtle green and blue tones. There is a broken pattern just like the reflection of sunlight on the water's surface. And just as unpredictable as the sea, this stone's pattern is also irregular and tempestuous. For this reason, it's clear why it was named Ocean Green.

    But it's beautiful design is only part of the reason it is ideal for your home. Slate is one of best natural materials on the market in terms of its quality and value for money. Often used as a roof tile to protect buildings and homes from harsh weather conditions, it is famously hardwearing. In your home, it is suitable for even the highest traffic locations, including hallways and kitchens. It can also be used to create a stunning feature in the home. It makes the perfect kitchen or bathroom wall backsplash, adding an uplifting design element.

    This tile has a refined polished finish which adds to its ocean-like glimmer. It has been ground down, removing any evidence of the stone's natural texture. Once it has been totally leveled, it is buffed until it reaches a glistening shine. Its natural pattern remains' gorgeous swathes of color blended to perfection, but any bumps or ridges have been removed.

    A polished finish is ideal for those wanting the natural elegance of a rugged slate, with a little more refinement. It feels smooth to the touch, making it ideal for backsplashes and walls as it is easily cleaned by a gentle wipe. There are no craggy or jagged parts that will cling to the dirt.

    It also lifts the stone's gorgeous color palette to its full potential. The light reflecting metallic elements look beautiful shimmering in the light. This is a finish for those who want a higher level of design with their earthy stone.

    Ocean Green slate is ideal for creating a design that incorporates both beautiful cool tones and a rugged and natural element. Pair it with wooden kitchen cupboards for a nature-inspired design that will feel calm and tranquil.

    In a bathroom setting, pair it with a white suite and other natural materials. Ethically sourced cotton towels and concrete tea light holders are ideal for creating a Scandinavian inspired design. Simplicity and natural elements combined create a totally relaxing space to while away the hours.