Vermont Black A Grade Slate Tile - Natural Cleft Face, Gauged Back

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  • Dark gray-black surface

  • Consistent color, irregular grooved texture

  • Ideal for flooring in all areas of the home

  • The perfect contemporary design solution

  • Natural cleft face for a rugged effect

  • Gauged back for smooth application

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Product Info

    Our Vermont Black slate tiles are the highest quality around. Quarried in one of the most well-regarded slate regions in North America, this is a stone that will deliver year after year on both caliber and style. A smooth and rich black, deep and enchanting like the endless night sky, they'll give your home a unique feeling of depth. While their dark gray-black hue is consistent throughout the stone, their texture is highly irregular, showing the tile's history like a story written in an open book.

    Slate is a metamorphic rock that begins life as layers of mudstone and shale beneath the Earth's surface. Over time, pressure and temperature changes take place that cause the stone to become denser and solidify. This new and improved stone is what we know as slate and is ideal for turning into tiles.

    Slate is an extremely durable stone, evidenced by its common usage as a roof tile. Above the skyline, slate must endure harsh weather conditions to protect the building below. This difficult life is a testament to the stone's hardwearing nature. Used as flooring in any room of the house, our Vermont Black slate tiles are more than capable of the job. In fact, when properly cared for, slate can last for generations. But the possibilities don't stop there; slate can also be used to create wall features, backsplashes, porches, patios, and more.

    Slate naturally forms into layers, making it ideal for turning into tiles. A natural cleft face is the resulting tile's surface when it is cleaved along its fault lines into slabs. The surface is full of bumps and grooves that are created during the stone's formation process, resulting in a rustic and rugged look.

    Many favor a natural cleft face for its stunning design properties. But the functional advantages should never be overlooked. When used to create flooring, a natural cleft face offers a superior level of traction. This is ideal for bathroom and hallway flooring where there is more likely to be dampness or puddles. Even while wet, the textured surface has a sufficient slip resistance.

    Furthermore, the innately earthy and rugged look is one of the lowest maintenance natural stone tiling options available. Where a polished stone is likely to need periodic buffing, wear and tear only add to the stone's irregular effect.

    Our Grade A Vermont Black slate gives a luxuriously rugged and contemporary look. Its sleek black surface is intoxicatingly beautiful, while its irregular pattern is unique and artistic.

    Pair it with a crisp white wall and accent gray tones for the ultimate in nature-inspired contemporary design. Add Scandinavian inspired accessories with a circular metal mirror, concrete tealight holders, and a wealth of natural textures and colors.